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This company is the leading provider locally but would like to attract new customers and would like to keep existing customers up to date with new services.

I worked with the owner to identify which channels we would focus on and how I would market the company going forward.

Several social media accounts had already been set up and these were tidied up and brought to the standard needed to be in line with the outstanding service offered by this company.

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Most of the targeted customers are at a managerial level and therefore we invited them to follow the company page on LinkedIn.  This gives confidence to prospective customers.

Twitter is an excellent tool for getting a message out quickly and is used in this instance to engage with existing customers.  

The company's Facebook account is updated regularly.

Google Local pinpoints where the company operates and is useful, in this instance, when potential customers are searching for local solutions.

A quarterly e-newsletter is sent out to all customers to keep them informed about new services, local success stories and to keep them up to date with any issues that might affect them.