Get your businesses, name, products and services noticed by the people who matter.  More and more people are searching online for businesses, this is an opportunity to showcase your talent.


At LUCY PRU I have worked with businesses who don't know where to start, and I've built campaigns for people who have a very clear idea of what they want!

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO)   All my websites are designed with SEO in mind, but I often encounter websites which are not!  I will help you achieve the highest possible rankings on your existing website, making you more visible to your customers. I use ethical search engine friendly code, increasing the prospect of you attracting new viewers by achieving higher organic Google rankings. 

SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT   From Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin to Instagram and blogs, I can keep the world up to speed with your business and its latest news and offerings.  Engaging with customers and expanding the reach of your message are all excellent methods of raising your brand image.

E-NEWSLETTERS   Many companies find that this is an excellent way to engage with their existing customer base and to add content (increasing SEO) to their website. 

LOCAL AREA OPTIMISATION   If your business serves a local area then let the people there know about it.  I will help you target the local market.

USER EXPERIENCE ANALYSIS   I will track and report on the traffic to your site.  How many people have looked at the site, how many are returning viewers, where are they based.  I'll help you identify what are they searching for (what keywords did they use) and what they looked at.  For some businesses this is merely 'interesting', for others it forms the basis of future business decisions. 


Strategic marketing varies in scope and intensity and the scope of the work and end goal might change over time.  I always hold an initial 'discovery' meeting with customers to discuss their dreams, their ideas and their desired outcomes.  During this meeting we discuss potential strategies and the likely associated costs.  

Throughout the work I will regularly discuss the progress of the marketing plan and make any necessary changes.  I work in a flexible manner which means you can scale up or scale down the work I do for you as it suits your business.

Getting Started